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Author Topic: Ebbets Field Flannels Sizing  (Read 472 times)

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Ebbets Field Flannels Sizing
« on: March 06, 2017, 05:12:00 PM »
I just received my first jersey from EFF, a St. Petersburg Saints flannel, size large. I have a 42" chest, and I usually wear a size medium shirt and a 40 when it comes to Majestic MLB authentics (I like my jerseys to fit well/be a little on the snugger side). When ordering from EFF, I was inclined to get a medium until I referenced their size chart:

According to that, a medium would be too small, but a large would give me the ideal fit.
However, upon receiving my size large flannel, I was surprised to find that it has a 49" chest (24.5" pit-to-pit), which is almost 2 whole sizes bigger than their size chart claims.

So, my question is this: Can anyone who owns EFF jerseys tell me what the real chest size is for a medium and a small? Considering the large is almost 2 sizes too big, I'm not positive a medium would fit me well either and would consider a small.